Looking for writing lessons? Boy, are you in the write place! Haw haw.

This is a place for all things writerly. I don’t claim to be an expert, but if you keep reading, you’ll see that that’s the appeal. As an aspiring novelist, the idea is for me to learn and share the things I come across on my writing journey. This can span across a variety of topics including, well, pretty much everything to do with creative writing including everyday life.


The Author—aka me!

This is me #swag

My name is K.A. Carrier.

I am twenty-four, and just moved out of my parents’ place where we have two massive dogs who are the stars of pretty much all of my Snapchats. I received my first degree a little while ago: a BA in English Literature. Woohoo! What are my plans now? Well, I’m getting a degree in education to escape from the dredges of retail. Err, I mean to shape the minds of the future. Yep. That’s it.

DSC_0015_edited-1 (2)
These are my puppies

I’m from a town which I like to refer to as Bumbleton (this is the pg rated version of the name. The R rated version may or may not be related to sodomy), Alberta. It is filled with white, tobacco chewing, coverall clad, steel-toed boot wearing tradesmen, most of whom haven’t picked up a book since grade six and can use the word “fuck,” not only as a verb, but as an adjective, adverb, and noun. I’m sure you can imagine how well an English graduate fits in with the rest of Bumbleton.

Most important out of all of the information about myself is that I am a writer and an aspiring novelist.

Note: I say aspiring novelist, not an aspiring writer for one reason: I am a writer. I sit down, put pen to paper or fingers to a keyboard and I write on a regular basis. It’s not something I want to be, but something I am. If you do this, you’re a writer too. Plain and simple.

The Purpose

There are a few reasons why I started this blog:

  1. I like to write (didn’t I just tell you this?).
  2. As someone who wants to become a successful novelist one day, I often find myself creeping the blogs or reading the “How to” books of the authors who have achieved my dream (Stephen King and Meg Cabot are two examples that pop into my head right off the bat) for advice. As helpful as this can be, there is one key element which separates me from them: they’ve made it big. Clearly as I only escaped working retail in Bumbleton by going to school elsewhere, I haven’t. This creates a void between myself and my idols which I can’t reconcile. Their advice might be brilliant, but I am still stuck in the vague territory of “Will I actually be successful at writing?” and they obviously aren’t. It makes them hard to relate to. With that in mind, I’ve created this blog. The purpose of it is to track my success as a want-to-be novelist, document, and record the important things I learn along the way about writing or the publishing industry to help other want-to-be-novelists. That’s it. Pretty neat, huh?
  3. Finally (this is a bonus for you), if you follow my blog and I do make it as a successful novelist, not only will you have my sage writing lessons to guide you along your writing way, but you will also have the opportunity to say, “I totally read her blog before she was famous.” You hipster, you.



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