My Published Work

Below are excerpts and hyperlinks to the stories and article that I have gotten published.

“Treasures” published by the Write Room

Don’t do it.

I ignore the thought hissing from the back of my mind and jump into the pool. My body slips through the water as if there is nothing but air, ribbons of multi-coloured light striking across my vision and wrapping around me. Energy hums in my ears, my kind of energy, the kind I’ve had since I was a little boy. It’s wild, ceaselessly vibrating and barely contained. It’s the kind of energy that made the other kids hate me during exams in school, unable to keep still or stop my pencil from rapping against my desk as my mind drifted to the rumbling trucks outside and airplanes soaring overhead in the clear sky. It’s the kind of energy that he, with his calm and contemplative movements, found endearing. Something like electricity makes my skin dance excitedly and it pulls me backward to the place I want to go.

“What Counts” published by Mistake House

Jacob can’t remember learning math; it’s just something he’s always known how to do. If there were 3 chickens and papa took away 1, there were 2 left. It was simple. His parents, humble, hardworking people, never had heads for figures like he did. They were born to till land and milk cows while Jacob was born to count. His earliest memories are of trying to help his parents budget. Before most children knew how to multiply, Jacob knew each of his parents’ expenses, how much their income was, the cost of their property, and how much they owed. He can still remember the planked walls, the sweet smell of corn wafting in through the window, the aroma of his parents’ sweat, and the feel of their calloused hands on the back of his neck as he sat at the kitchen table and tried to problem solve. If there were three acres of land and the bank took away all of them, what was left? Nothing. What was nothing multiplied but nothing? Still nothing.

“Mount Royal: Dispatches from Calgary’s Smaller University” published by Maclean’s Magazine

Upon first glance, Mount Royal University is rather underwhelming compared to the grandeur of the other universities and colleges in Calgary. The campus is small, with only a handful of relatively new buildings, one parkade, and a few open lots. You can navigate it from the main hallway, which takes you to the library, cafeteria, campus bar and recreation centre. As someone missing an internal compass and who is intimidated by classes filled with 300-plus students, the compact nature of Mount Royal is exactly what I love about it.


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