On depression and words.


My word of the day is poignant.



evoking a keen sense of sadness or regret.

“A poignant reminder that despite all appearances, nothing would stay better for long.”


touching, moving, sad, affecting, pitiful, piteous, pathetic, sorrowful, mournful, wretched, miserable, distressing, heard-rendering, plaintive, tragic



I’m having a hard time.

My mental state has almost completely regressed to what it was when I was ill. Even how I’ve written that sentence is a remnant of that slight glimmer of hope I had when I left this pit of a town. Was ill. Past tense. But the thing is, I am ill. As if I had never even gotten better. It seems that no matter how hard I try to struggle my way out of the grips of mental illness, it’s long warty fingers always seem to reach out and snatch me back up. It’s one step ahead of me. Always. Shut up, Snape.

Every time this regression happens, I always think back to a particular line from The Perks of Being a Wallflower:

Image result for dear friend, it's getting bad again

No line that I or any other writer could come up with so perfectly encapsulates what it is to be at the precipice of that jagged cliff of mental illness and knowing you’re falling or about to fall into the dark again. It’s simple, but strikes so true.

“Dear friend,

I’m getting bad again.”


3 thoughts on “Poignant”

    1. You know what? That’s an excellent idea. I’m between therapists because I have a difficult time admitting that I have feelings at all, and sitting down and actually talk about them is a whole different stress. But I should get one and make a plan. Thank you for your comment, Robert. Because of you, I will find a therapist and make an appointment this week.

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      1. I understand the difficulty with admitting feelings. For some of us this is directly related to being forced to deny having them as children.

        While you’re waiting for an appointment here are some links to a safety and treatment plans that a therapist might work on with you.


        and these are templates for general treatment plans:



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