Good News

On reading a the finished first draft of my new adult mystery manuscript!


Who gets the stomach flu in April? Kat does!

Okay, okay, enough self pity. The title of this post isn’t completely fascetious: I actually do have good news.

I have finished going through my manuscript, and it actually resembles a novel!! How cool is that? It’s such a good feeling to have a coherent whole when the writing process goes by piece by piece. The fact that all of those pieces fit together is the best feeling ever.

A year ago when I was close to finishing writing my novel (and I had yet no idea how daunting the task of editing would be), I mentioned my manuscript to my script writing professor, who then offered her services to help me with it over summer.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances involving my ever failing health, I was not able to finish my novel in time for the summer, and I thought the opportunity had been lost.

But here’s where the good news comes in! Now that I feel I have something resembling a novel, I sent her a message asking if the offer for her help still stands, even though it’s been a year since she offered. And she said yes! She is a successful Canadian author/playwrite as well as a professor and she’s going to be helping little ol’ me! *screams in joy*

I feel like with her help, my manuscript will actually stand a chance against the millions of other unpublished manuscripts out there.

Good news indeed.

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