A writing prompt for creating villains

At my work we have a manager who no one particularly likes, including myself. She’s over fifty and going through menopause, which has meant that every single time she has a hot flash, she announces it to anyone who’s near, including customers. She’d probably be better off to just page it over the PA system.
When another employee’s mother died this week, she managed to find a way to make it about herself, and she often walks by me, pauses and audibly sighs, as if waiting for me to coo, “Oh, poor *insert name*! Whatever is the matter?!”
And when I don’t respond like she expects (because I’m really not a very nice person), she’ll do it again, but louder.
“SIGH!” she screams.

This is usually when I find an excuse to walk away.

Anyway, today at work I was thinking about a time when I got trapped in the break room with this woman and because I’m not completely terrible, I indulged her in some light conversation about drinking.
“I can’t drink like I used to,” I said, “I get really bad hangovers now that I’m getting a bit older.”
To which she responded, “But do you know what causes the worst hangover? Crack.”
At which point I tried to end my break early and run away, but not before she had a chance to flash me a picture of her current boyfriend’s penis.

If you think I am making this up, I’m not. I wish I were.

So I was thinking about this encounter when it came to me: the best writing prompt ever.
Are you ready for it?
Are you sure?
I don’t believe you.
Okay, okay, I’ll tell you.

It’s as follows:

write a journal/diary entry from the perspective of someone you don’t like.

It doesn’t seem super fancy if you don’t take a minute to consider it (I usually despise writing prompts), but IT’S ACTUALLY AWESOME. What better way to create a villain than by writing something from the perspective of the real life “villains” you have to deal with every day?

The villain is usually my favorite character in any sort of fiction, and he/she/it is usually the character that I have the hardest time bringing to life in my own work.

Enter the best writing prompt evar, and I’m suddenly putting myself in my manager’s shoes. Does she reminisce about her crack smoking days? Is the dick pic she showed me actually from someone she knows in real life, or was it just another ploy to get attention? What would make her want to share something like that with an employee anyway? Does she know how others perceive her? How does she perceive herself?

So many questions, and writing about it gives you the creative licence to fill in the blanks. It will be so much fun to write.

I. Am. A. Genius.


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