I’ve been hired by a book store!
I mean, it’s still retail, but…IT’S A BOOK STORE. I’m too excited! After months of searching I finally found a new job, and it actually relates to my degree. I’ll get to work with people who are as nerdy about reading (and maybe writing) as I am.

I haven’t actually quit my current job either; I’ve just cut down my hours to one day a week for a few reasons, but mostly because I don’t want to leave my friend. The best part of my current job has been becoming best friends with another literary nerd, and as excited as I am about this book store, the worst part about leaving (which will eventually happen) is leaving her. It’s not uncommon to walk through the aisles of the hair and beauty department and hear us discussing literary theory, analyzing difficult texts, or having heart to hearts while stocking shelves to awkwardly avoid eye contact with each other. I wouldn’t have lasted four years working there if it weren’t for her.

Now, I just need to make an elaborate plan to kidnap her and get her hired at the same book store so we can both quit for good!


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